President (Emeritus) Message

Shri. Surendra Lunia

Welcome to Hindi Mahavidyalaya (HMV)

The College provides world class state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities. HMV is dedicated to the principle that its educational services and faculty should be both supportive and challenging, distinguished by creative and interactive learning experience for each student.

There are so many institutions in our country. All they strive to add some value in an individual's life. The HMV has been initiated with the vision of enabling the youth of this country to have a purposeful vision, mission and goal.

They say "Life is a challenge, live it", we at the Hindi Mahavidyalaya hope to make every individual passing through its portals a visionary with a mission and a goal. HMV is a sincere study center for job - oriented courses approved by UGC, Government of Telangana, affiliated to Osmania University.

I, as the President of this college, assure you that the college will provide and assist all the candidates in pursuing their goals. It is with this purpose that the college has initiated measures not just to encourage students to pursue their education purposefully but also to provide additional competency through educating them with information technology.

We take pride in seeing ourselves as a Premier Forward-looking Progressive College, imparting Quality Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Programmes of Osmania University.

I hope the students who step into this institution would use the facilities available and attain their goals.

I wish all the very best.

Surendra Lunia
President (Emeritus)
Hindi Mahavidyalaya

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