Best Practices


It is often stated that the emergence of Information Society and Knowledge society have given impetus to service sector and quality characteristics are sought in the services offered to the customers

The concept of best practices is not new to the libraries, the five laws of library science endowed with the philosophy of best practices and the catalogue code for instance may be considered as one of the best practice in Hindi Mahavidyalaya.

Online Dictionary of library and Information Science describes best practice as follows:

”In the application of theory to real time situations, procedures that when properly applied consistently yield superior results and are therefore used as reference points in evaluation of the effectiveness of alternative methods of accomplishing the same task. Best practices are identified by examining empirical evidence of success”

Set of Best Practices developed by NAAC

Best practices under four broad heads are developed by NAAC

  • Management and Administration of Library
  • Collection and Services
  • Extent of User Services
  • Use of Technology

Best practices adapted in Academic Libraries of India

  • Library automation
  • Student/Teacher usage statistics
  • Newspaper clipping services
  • Career Information services
  • Free internet facility
  • Displaying new arrivals
  • Regular library committee meetings

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