Sports Academy

The college is providing sports facilities to the students with the following objectives.

  • Development of wholesome personality of all the students through their participation in various sports and games.
  • Development of sports infrastructural facilities.
  • Preparation of college teams for the inter college and university tournaments in different events.
  • Organization of intra college competitions between different departments to provide opportunity for all the students to participate in various sports events.

Divyang Cricket Association


Cricket for disable started in the year 1988-89 as Andhra Pradesh team being part of All India Disabled Association. There used be regular on the basis of Inter State Teams organized by four different zone as South, North, East and West. Matches were arranged by the State Association, even with pan city of sponsorship. It went on for long time. Every year a big All India level Tournament was arrange for most enthusiast disable man performing at the best in consistency. England, Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka visited India to play a series of matches. State wise a few of them use to participate regularly as they have good talented cricketers.

Lots of hardship and approach to sports ministry yielded were forded. Even a Rest of India against the Champion State was organized. Triangular tournaments within the zones showed a huge talent in the boys. This paved a path for regular net practice and practice matches.

In the year 2012, Mr. Chandrabhan Giri was selected for Rest of India team representing Andhra Pradesh against Mumbai. Infact, the A.P. State team for disabled got a blessing hand from Hindi Mahavidyalaya, Nallakunta to practice regular in their grounds. H.M.V. Cricket Academy under Mr. G. Manohar Reddy was instrumental in guiding the team of 25 to 30 disabled boys. A separate net was allotted to them. A series of matches among Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka and Bangladesh played was very successful.

Hindi Mahavidyalaya played a great role in establishing the A.P. Disabled Cricket Team by proving them with the entire infrastructure required. Gradually, the strength increased and the talent at the peak. Boys with good performance were rewarded with sports gadgets.

When Telangana State got separated from Andhra State. The Cricket team played under Telangana / Hyderabad Differently Abled Team. After a hard struggle from 2015 to 2019. A Differently Abled Council was formed and adopted by B.C.C.F. The council thus formed was called as Differently Abled Cricket Council of India D.C.C.I.

The Telangana Differently Abled Association was recognized by Hyderabad Cricket Association. After adopting it, Mr. Chandrabhan Giri, Honorable Secretary of Telangana Differently Abled Association was opted as a member of H.C.A. Similarly, the Telangana Differently Abled Cricket Association became a member Association and part of D.C.C.I.

To conclude all the Differently Abled Cricket Players, Telangana Differently Abled Association are indebted to such huge contribution and help from Hindi Mahavidyalaya, Nallakunta, Hyderabad.

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